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Events, GROUPS & Workshops for Fall

Register & click below for our 2020=2021 series of teen classes, groups and events.  RESERVED space is necessary to attend.   


Please contact us at info@innerstargirl.com for more information, and follow our InnerStarGirl social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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See our "Workshop" page for details and registration info for our continuing groups.

Contact Lisa@innerstargirl.com to inquire about our year round tween and teen groups or call: (818) 850-5313 

SEE our Workshops and Groups page for info on our current teen virtual  ZOOM groups: Contact Lisa@innerstargirl.com to book a private group series or call (818) 850-5313 

This is what empowering an audience of

young girls and teens looks like

Girl Empowerment Program

For questions or information about booking our events

Call: (818) 850-5313

Email: Lisa@innerstargirl.com


Now Available!

Charlotte McGee, Proud to be Me AND 101 Girl Tips are now available on Amazon!


Charlotte McGee, Proud to be Me, written by co-founder, Brynn Tiano is the perfect book for children, ages 3 and up! Girls, boys and even adults can learn about tolerance, acceptance and that we are all different people with unique qualities.  


At only 17 years old, Brynn is impacting young children and making a difference in the world. She speaks at schools and organizations to spread the message that one kind gesture can impact someone's life. 



Watch Brynn's interview on the KTLA Morning News on January 3, 2019.


Click on  Images to

Purchase Your Copy

101 Girl Tips

101 Girl Tips is the go-to guide for girls, ages 8-18! It is packed with insightful tips and inspirational messages to encourage young girls and teens during a time of self-discovery.


The Heart & Soul of InnerStarGirl

InnerStarGirl was created to re-invent the tween and teen girl and to teach the practices of living as healthy, confident and authentic young leaders.



We believe that every girl has her own story, whether it be one challenge or several obstacles she's had to face in her life.  InnerStarGirl workshops give girls a safe and unique forum to participate in girl-centered bonding, and to learn how to see conflict as an opportunity for positive change.



Many girls have experienced social bullying, cyber-bullying, school pressures, poor body image perception, and low self-esteem.  ISG inspires girls to learn how to take risks, even in the face of adversity, and gain awareness and the courage to be able to connect with their emotions so they can build strong, healthy relationships.


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