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Lisa Tiano is co-founder and creator of InnerStarGirl.  She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and has a wealth of knowledge in the area of child development and education.  The scope of her experience has been working in schools, clinical and social service settings over the last 20 years.

Lisa has facilitated workshops for elementary, middle school and high school students, teaching her copyrighted curriculum and teaching students intervention strategies and coping skills that revolve around the hidden aggression in girls. She has led group discussions and school assemblies, giving children a platform to speak about issues centered around girl world.

Most importantly, Lisa strives to educate and build awareness amongst tween and teen girls that allows for personal growth and positive self-esteem.  She lives in Southern California with her husband and two daughters who are her biggest blessings in life.


Brynn Tiano is the co-founder of InnerStarGirl. She is also the founder of a peer-to-peer girls support program called "Girls, We Lead", where girls in 9th through 12th grade help empower young girls in elementary and middle school. At the age of 12, she told her mother that she wanted to create a safe program for girls, where they could be themselves and talk about the issues that affects girls on a daily basis – body image and body confidence, self-esteem, bullying, peer pressure, the impact of social media, and friendship issues in girl world.


After personally experiencing female aggression in school, she realized that bullying amongst girls can be hard to handle, often including verbal and emotional tactics that girls use.


Brynn is also the President of the InnerStarGirl Club and the REAL TeenTalk Club at her high school, where she enjoys speaking and planning club meetings, community events and conferences with non-profit organizations, and arranging for guest speakers to be invited to speak on teen-related topics. Her mission is to grow this program and take it worldwide.

She is the author of a children's book, Charlotte McGee, Proud to Be Me. Recently published, Brynn is booking speaking engagements at schools to read and speak about the book, which focuses on the subject of children who are bullied and how they are able to turn their negative circumstances around.



Mia Tiano is co-founder of InnerStarGirl and Girls, We Lead, and an ambassador and speaker for ISG. Having Brynn as an older sister definitely has taught her how to cope with friendship challenges, and how to handle certain situations gracefully that are oftentimes challenging in girl world. Mia helps her sister with outreach for the peer support program at ISG, knowing the positive impacts of being a mentor and helping to support younger girls. She loves helping friends and being a means of support to other girls in the community. As a team leader, Mia also enjoys speaking at school assemblies, public and private events, educational workshops, InnerStarGirl conferences and being a "Girls, We Lead" spokesperson.