We lead educational parent workshops, tween and teen groups, and implement special programming for schools and organizations. 

To learn more about booking events/programming for the upcoming school calendar year, please contact us via email or phone. or contact Lisa Tiano at (818) 850-5313.



*Due to our current safety measures, 

Each "Let's Get Social" Tween and Teen Girl Group meets via ZOOM sessions and are 4 weeks (4 Saturdays, from 11:00am - 12Noon)

Email for more info on how your daughters can participate or contact Lisa at (818) 850-5313

4 week sessions are $120 ($30 per each group) 

*NOTE - Due to keeping consistency and programming for the group, there are no exceptions and there will be no refunds after registering for the "Let's Get Social" group


We live in a society where tween and teen girls connect, yet they still feel isolated and struggle to find their safe place to be themselves.  When it comes to self-care, we all know that smaller, more intimate groups, are far more meaningful than an entourage of irrelevant people who take no interest in our well-being. Not only are girls and young women able to feel safe here discussing vulnerable topics in our groups, but they’re also able to connect and build strong social skills with other like-minded tween and teen girls. The last thing they need are more followers on Instagram – these young ladies need real-life connections and support as they grow into being the best versions of themselves. 

**Due to current safety precautions, our "Let's Get Social" tween and teen girl groups currently meet via ZOOM, on Saturday mornings, 11:00am - 12Noon

*Throughout other times, we meet in our Calabasas and Westlake locations.

***If you would like more information on any of these classes, groups or school programming, please email

If you would like to create your own private group, you must have a minimum of 6 students.

If you'd like to include a group of classes from a private school, charter, public school, or homeschool students, please contact or call Lisa Tiano at (818) 850-5313

Real Teen Talk Impact Seminar 2019-2020.