What is the InnerStargirl Program all about?

Our 3 core beliefs of the program are 1) Be Yourself 2) Be Authentic 3) Be Confident.  These beliefs help girls to acknowledge their truth in order to be healthy leaders in the world.  Our philosophy in working with each girl is to embody integrity, compassion, and courage. With these characterics, girls can embrace their journey into their teenage years and learn how to take risks.

How is our program unique?

Our copyrighted curriculum and interactive lessons help girls to gain the awareness and confidence to be able to connect with thier emotions and build strong, healthy relationships. ISG inspires girls to be true to themselves and know that the best gift they can give themselves is to be their authentic self. Learning and laughing is an important focus of the program!

How much does the program cost?

Each individual day workshop is customized according to the topic and location. They are set up as either one hour sessions or 2 hour sessions, but can also be specifically re-designed to meet the needs of each organization or school.  Please contact the director of the program at (818) 850-5313 for more information and to schedule a workshop in your area!

*Programs include activity-based learning, and some are combined with instructional yoga. Some sessions may include keynote guest speakers on pertinent topics (such as nutrition, health and fitness, cyber education and self-defense).

What is your Cancellation/Refund Policy?

Classes are paid in full 14 days prior to the event. Refunds are only given 7 days prior to the workshop/class date.


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