InnerStarGirl has come to Hale Middle School several times in the last couple of years to be our featured speakers at our "Help Me Help Myself" lunch sessions for girls. InnerStarGirl, founded and directed by Lisa Tiano, has come to give our tween girls advice, testimonials, and personal stories of experience on bullying, body image and peer pressure. Watching and listening to Lisa and these strong girls, who are just a bit older than themselves and who have made it through similar trying experiences that they are now facing, has been a tremendous help. They give them hope and courage. How wonderful that these beautiful, young women take the time out of their busy schedule to share with and lead other girls. It is pretty special to watch! We are grateful to Lisa and the InnerStarGirls for sharing their strength with us here at Hale. 

- Tanya Ball, Teacher

Hale Middle School

InnerStarGirl founder Lisa Tiano met with our Girl Scout troop made up of 12 and 13 year-old girls. She addressed topics such as how to deal with peer pressure, social media issues, and body image. This was an interactive workshop in which all the girls participated and had an opportunity to discuss real-life scenarios with their peers and how they were affected by them. Lisa gave them specific feedback on a variety of social situations, such as not being included in groups, not being invited to parties, not being in the “in-crowd” – all themes that are very relevant to middle-school age girls. Lisa was able to engage the girls and get them to open up about their feelings and thoughts on these issues. She also offered helpful suggestions on how to deal with sticky situations in positive ways, and gave the girls good strategies on getting through these tough years. They enjoyed the time spent with Lisa and the handouts she gave them were very useful to all. We really liked Lisa’s emphasis on kindness, inclusivity, and building healthy relationships. All the topics she covered in her presentation were very relevant to the girls in our troop. 


-Claire Bloom & Mandy Harnoy

Co-Leaders, Girl Scout Cadette Troop #2876

Today was a pretty special day. Today I attended a workshop and it was all about girls being comfortable in their own skins. This class had three main points and they were: My Self-Esteem and Body Image Perception, Toxic or Healthy Friendships, and how to Navigate/Survive Middle School and High School! I got together with about 28 girls, all ranging from 10-14 and we talked with these other girls that were sort of like our "mentors" and they were all in high school. We split into 3 different groups, alternating for each subject. We then talked about our struggles in each topic and our strengths. We got to tell stories about our past and what we are feeling now and it felt GOOD to get it all off my chest! The exercise reassured me that I can be confident no matter what  obstacle gets in my way and helped me increase a TONIGHT of self-esteem. Note: I am not wearing any makeup, didn't straighten my hair, didn't tamper with the photo, nothing. It's taken so much courage not to edit this photo but I'm doing it! I love myself and I hope it stays that way! I highly recommend this workshop for young girls going through hard times or just needs some advice because I know that I feel better and more confident about myself after that class!

- Sarah J., 13 yr old student 







"I thought that Lisa Tiano was very engaging...I can use all the knowledge that she gave me in class, outside of school and for the rest of my life."


-8th grade student, Chaminade

Middle School

"The speaker was very kind and I loved that she got us involved in her lectures."


-8th grade student, Chaminade Middle School


"I liked being able to engage with other students in the activities Ms. Tiano had us do."


-8th grade student, Chaminade Middle School

I appreciate the passion that Lisa Tiano has for educating today’s youth on a variety of topics that often go overlooked in school curriculum.”-


-Ms.  Damien, Teacher

Chaminade Middle School